Top 5 Real Money Mobile Casinos You Need to Check Out

If you're looking for high-rated casinos to play on mobile, your search ends with this list of today's top real money mobile casinos.

Mobile casino apps are excellent news for gamblers who are always on the go. This evolution in online gambling is super convenient, allowing you to play your favorite casino games at the palm of your hand.

Take a look at some of the trusted and best-value real money mobile casinos in the gambling world.

#1. Spin Casino – 700 Casino Games, 98.45% Payout Rate

real money mobile casinos Spin

If you are looking for a mobile casino with a massive game collection, Spin Casino would be ideal. Since 2001 when it first went online, Spin Casino built its reputation by providing lucrative casino game experience to all gamblers, even mobile players. It has a massive gaming collection, with over 200 titles in the slots category alone.

Although there's less game selection on mobile than on the website, the variety is still fantastic. You can get crisp and clear graphics, perfect for iPhone, Android, iPad, or Windows Phone.

#2. Royal Vegas Casino – 500 Casino Games, 98.04% Win Rate

real money mobile casinos Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas started in 2000 and is now among the top and trusted gambling sites for both desktop and mobile players. The casino is well-known for its lathe variety of high-quality games from top software providers. It also features valuable perks, including a loyalty club. You can play at the casino on most mobile devices, including iOS and Android phones.

#3. Jackpot City Casino – 630 Plus Games, 97.59% Win Rate

real money mobile casinos Jackpot City

Jackpot City is one of the best real money mobile casinos for both desktop and mobile users. The casino offers a generous welcome package for new players. It has hundreds of games you can choose from, although the desktop platform still has a much more extensive collection than the mobile site. Among its mobile-friendly games are slots, table games, and video poker.

Jackpot City’s mobile app also supports Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

#4. 22Bet Casino – Over 1100 Casino Games, 96.35% Win Rate

real money mobile casinos 22bet

With over 100 software developers, it's not surprising why 22Bet managed to accumulate such a vast gaming library. It's something you can also take advantage of if you play at the casino using your mobile phone. Even the live dealer games are available whenever and wherever you are. Other games you can play on mobile include 3D slots, baccarat, roulette, poker, and blackjack.

You can play at the casino on both Android and iOS devices.

#5. 888 Casino – Over 200 Games, 96.45% Payout Rate

real money mobile casinos 888

888 Casino is one of the mainstays in the online gambling industry. It started in 1997 and remained a top choice for online casino players, including many mobile gamblers. 888 Casino features a top-of-the-range mobile software to give you hundreds of games with top-quality graphics.

Thanks to these top-range real money mobile casinos, you can now experience a more convenient online gambling experience.

Top 5 Online Poker Variants You Need to Know Today

If you’re looking for more online poker variants that you can play at your favorite online casino, you’ve come to the right place.

Poker is one of the most well-known casino games worldwide. While many think that there is only one poker game, there are many that you can play online. Instead of getting considered as a game, poker now refers to different card games.

Take a look at some of the best online poker variants that you can play online.

#1. Texas Hold’em – Arguably the Most Popular Poker Variant

online poker variants Texas Hold'em

If there’s a poker variant that most people know, it would be Texas Hold’em. It’s among the first and oldest games that helped build the poker culture. If you haven’t learned how to play Texas Hold’em, it’s not a problem because it only takes a couple of minutes to know how the game works. However, it’s also true what other players say that this poker variant is easy to learn but takes a lifetime for you to master.

If you want casino action, Texas Hold’em is one of the thrilling poker games to try. It includes advanced strategies, perfect for competitive players.

#2. Seven-Card Stud – Easiest to Learn and Perfect for Newbies

online poker variants Seven Card Stud

A few decades ago, Seven-Card Stud was one of the most famous poker games, especially in the US. Although newer and faster games took over, Seven-Card Stud is still a popular choice for traditional poker players. It’s perfect if you appreciate slow-moving games. It’s also easy to learn and less intimidating than other online poker variants, which would make an excellent entry for new poker players.

The key to winning a Seven-Card Stud game is to focus and have a good memory.

#3. Omaha Hi-Lo – Perfect Poker Variety for Thinking Players

online poker variants Omaha Hi/Lo

Omaha Hi-Lo is a confusing game if you haven't played it before, at least on your first game. Once you understand how the table works and with a little bit of practice, it becomes a breeze.

This type of poker game is ideal for thinking players. It offers simple to sophisticated strategies, and continuously working on your gameplay can give you a massive edge.

#4. Badugi – Fun and Entertaining Game of Poker

online poker variants Badugi

If you want something new to play at a poker table, you'll have fun with Badugi. It's a unique poker game that features unfamiliar hand ranking systems that would be thrilling to learn.

Aggression and bluffing are a must when playing Badugi, which makes the game even more entertaining.

#5. Five-Card Draw – Nostalgic and Classic Poker Game

online poker variants 5 Card Draw

If you’ve played poker games with family friends when you were young, it must have been Five-Card Draw games. If you haven’t played any poker before, this one is the easiest to learn right now.

Five-Card Draw might be a bit old-school, but there are tons of strategies that you can learn. It's a classic mind game for competitive poker players.

If you get bored with the same poker game you're playing at home, these online poker variants will get you entertained and give you a chance to win real money.

How to Play Craps Online: Guide for Beginner Gamblers

You can play craps online at legit and trusted online gambling sites. It’s 100% a game of chance, which makes craps more thrilling than other casino games. Compared to other table games like poker or blackjack, craps don’t have many strategies or rules to master if you want to win.

The key to lowering the house edge and winning craps would be to know how to bet strategically. Take a look at this beginner’s guide for playing craps online.

How to Boost Your Odds of Winning at Craps

play craps online winning craps

Even if it's a game of chances, there are a few universal rules that can boost your odds of winning craps. If you're interested in playing craps for the first time, these two simple tips will help you get into the game.

#1. Learn How the Crap Table Works Before Attempting to Play

Although there aren't many things you need to study and memorize in craps, it's smart to learn how the table works before attempting to join the game. You can familiarize some betting strategies that could be effective in lowering the house advantage. You also need to get familiar with the available betting types for craps to place your wager accordingly.

#2. Always Take the Free Odds Bet Whenever You Can

play craps online free odd bet

The key to boosting your odds when you play craps online is by reducing the house advantage.

Hence, you can take advantage of free odds bet when playing the game since it has a zero house edge. Whenever it’s on offer, you should always take advantage of it as odds bets are pretty rare.

Can You Use Casino Bonuses for Playing Craps?

Most casinos will give you welcome bonuses, and sometimes it could be a package where you can get both free money and bonus spins. Those extra spins are useful when playing slots, but they are pretty useless for playing craps.

What types of bonuses you want to take advantage of if you’re planning to play craps are no-deposit perks. This type of incentive gives you free plays without risking your account balance.

However, please note and understand the bonus terms and conditions before you decide to accept it. Some of these perks may be appealing at first glance but comes attached to unrealistic wagering requirements.

Where Is the Best Place to Play Craps Online?

play craps online

There are many places where you can play craps online. You can choose from instant play casinos, casino software, or mobile apps.

Instant play casinos are websites that you can access online through your web browser and an internet connection. Meanwhile, the casino software is something you need to download on your PC, and you don't need to be online to use it. Lastly, a mobile app is a casino that you can access through your mobile phone, making it ultra-convenient.

Whether you want to play craps online for entertainment or real money, there are countless options for you to start gambling today.

5 Best Casino Slots You Can Play on Your Mobile Phone

You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for new and the best casino slots to play on your mobile phone.

Video slots are super fun and entertaining with their excellent themes and enticing graphics. Many of them are available for your picking, which makes it extra tricky to choose which titles to play. The only downside with mobile gambling is not all slots of casino websites are compatible with mobile use.

However, there are still many slot titles that you can play using your smartphone. Please take a look at some of the most popular of them.

#1. Wild Diamond: 7x Mobile Slot from Booming Games

best casino slots Wild Diamond

Wild Diamond: 7x appeals to all mobile gamblers who want retro games. This classic slot machine is full of excitement and fun. It features familiar slot symbols, from lucky sevens, bars, and sparkling diamonds.

It's one of the best slots you can get if you're into nostalgic classic slot machines. Wild Diamond: 7x features three reels, and you can even play it for free, no need to deposit into your account first.

#2. Pharaoh's Way Mobile Slot Game from Novomatic

 best casino slots Pharaoh's way

Pharaoh's Way is a fantastic slot game that you can play on your iOS or Android phone. It boasts incredible graphics and animations based on a classic Egyptian theme. The color scheme is fantastic, especially with the gold hues that scream amazing bonuses.

Pharaoh’s Way features a 5-reels with 4-symbols and 3-reels with 3-symbols game. What makes this game super exciting is that you have 243 ways to win the jackpot prize.

#3. Titan’s Wrath Mobile Slot Game from Hana Games

best casino slots Titans Wrath

Titan’s Wrath is one of the best casino slots from Hana Games that you can play on your mobile phone. The fantastic animation of the game makes it ultra-enticing that you wouldn’t want to leave. The theme surrounds the Titans, where you can see symbols for Greek and Egyptian gods, Aladdin, and a few others.

You can play this slot game on either iOS or Android devices.

#4. Viva Slots Vegas Mobile Slot from Viva Slots

best casino slots Viva Slots Vegas

If you want to experience the fun of playing slot machines in Las Vegas at your hands, the Viva Slots Vegas slot is perfect. It's a classic themed casino slot machine that gives you one of the most realistic gambling experiences.

Playing this slot machine on either iOS or Android feels like you’re at a casino floor in Las Vegas. What’s even better is you can play this casino game offline.

#5. Cashmania Slots 2019 Mobile Game from Vegas Funcity

best casino slots Cash Mania

This slot machine is a version named after the most popular free Vegas slots in 2019. It features an exciting quest for mobile players that keep you glued on your device. If you want to be more social or competitive, it also supports tournaments where you can spin against other gamblers.

Slot games are fun and exciting. It’s a fantastic thing that you can now play some of the best casino slots using your smartphone.