1 can 2 can

The theme of 1 Can 2 Can is jungles and toucans. This colorful and unique bird is well-known for its large bills and long beak. You can win big by landing multiple matching symbols and activating the gamble feature. You can use the extra Wilds that toucans drop to turn your wins into even bigger prizes. The game comes with a variety of settings that you can customize depending on your preferences.

If you want to be rich, you can hit the jackpot in this slot game. The main heroes of the game are the toucans, and there are 25 pay lines. The toucans have different colors, and the higher the value of the toucan, the higher the payouts. You can also get more than one free spin if you land on the Bonus round. The Bonus round is played on all pay lines.

Despite its name, this slot machine does not have a progressive jackpot. The highest regular win you can land on in this game is 1000 coins. To get this, you have to get five Wild symbols on a single pay line. This is worth about $10, but you can earn a much bigger amount by playing multiple pay lines. The payouts from this game are also very high, with a potential to win up to $25,000.