The symbol of Zeus is a stylized lightning bolt that he wields like a javelin. He also has a throne, eagle, and miniature Nike. He also wears a protective arm guard called an aigis. In the game, Zeus is usually depicted wearing a long, flowing robe. Sometimes, he is shown as naked, and his head is decorated with a wreath of olive leaves.

Playing the Zeus slot online is simple, because the game has adjustable paylines. You can play on just one payline for $0.01 or all 30 for $150. You can also play with a single line for as low as one penny. If you want to win big, you need to bet a high bet. You can win 2,500 coins by spinning five Zeus icons on the screen. The payout percentage for the game is slightly below 96%.

Besides the 30-payline game, Zeus slot also has a progressive jackpot. This is why it’s so popular among slot players. The payout is in line with what you would expect from a video slot and can reach up to 500 times your stake. Free spins can also award a jackpot multiple times. As such, you can win massive amounts of money. The average bet is $0.3, but a higher bet can lead to multiple awards.